• Common name:GILA MONSTER

    Scientific name: Heloderma suspectum cintum

    Class: Reptiles

    Ordine: Squamata

    Famiglia: Helodermatidae

    Riproduzione: incubation of 120-150 days, 4 – 6 eggs

    Provenienza: California (Mojave desert)

    Habitat: desert

    Alimentazione: eggs, baby’s rodents

  • The Gila monster are solitary lizards distinguished by a vivid black-orange color and by a skin covered with osteodermi, small cutaneous bony structures with a protective purpose. The bright coloring has the role of signaling to possible predators their risk. In fact, the Gila monster are among the few species of poisonous
    lizards that have true venom glands located in the jaw. The adult specimens can reach the size of 35-50 cm with a maximum weight of about 1 kg, they have a solid body and squat limbs.
    The tail amasses fat reserves useful to the Gila Monster during the hibernation months from December to March. 99% of their life is spent inactively in underground burrows dug by turtles or baby’s rodents.
    The best period in which they are most active and also when is possible to see them in nature, is between March and June. In this period the Gila monster reproduce and collect fat reserves for the winter.

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