The veterinary in a zoological garden obviously performs an activity that is completely different from the activity carried out by his colleagues that nurse our pets: he has to choose a different approach depending on the species. In addition, he has to ensure the complete well-being of ALL the animals as well as the synergy with their keepers.

Our vets direct much attention to animal disease prevention, to the arrangement of a suitable nutrition for each species, and they are also deeply engaged in making our divisions more and more congenial to the needs of our guests.

An important aspect in ensuring the animals’ well-being, consists in preventing possible conflicts among the examples of each animal group. For this reason, the continuous flow of animals through different European zoos is necessary to keep a high genetic variability. The veterinary closely collaborate with different European coordinators who manage zoological collections of different endangered species, with the National Health Service and with forest rangers directly engaged in preventing illegal animal trading.