Guided Tours


Visite guidate

The guided tours and didactic activities organized and carried out by a team of naturalists have a double aim: letting people get in contact with animals and making young people aware of subjects about the environment and nature as a whole.

Each program, in its particularity, aims in being a chance to meditate on wider problems, starting from a contact with animals: human-animal relationship, local fauna and the surrounding nature, the human role in the environmental proportion. A didactic approach, which mixes knowledge and amusement.

Duration 1 Hour (maximum 20 people) * Euro   95,00
Duration 2 Hours (maximum 25 people)* Euro 170,00
Duration 4 Hours (maximum 25 people)* Euro 220,00
Extra fee for non-working                 Euro   25,00
*partners included
Overflow extra charge 5Eur per partecipant, up to a maximum of 5 redundants

For any further information and booking, please contact:
Società DARWIN
Via Mercadante, 17 – 20124 Milano
il martedì e il giovedì dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 12.30
Tel. 02 67 07 77 92 –
Chief Executive Dr. Roberta Castiglioni.

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General Conditions:

The price of the guided tour do not include the admission ticket fee. The four hours lasting tours include an hour break. Tours are carried out also in case of bad weather. Eventual cancellations have to be communicated at least 48 hours before the visit, via fax and telephonically confirmed. Otherwise you will be asked for the entire amount of the cost of the guided tour. The Darwin Company has the right to cancel the visit because of technical hindrances. An eventual lateness cannot postpone the fixed hour for the visit and price reduction will not be expected.