The History 1981-2017: Among man and nature


The Le Cornelle Animal Park was founded in Valbrembo in 1981. Its located on the Eastern bank of the Brembo river and includes 126.000 sq.mt. of green areas at the disposal of the animals and of anyone that wants to know them.
The name Le Cornelle comes from a local place-name that indicates the river rocks that have been smoothly polished by the river’s flow. Angelo Ferruccio Benedetti created this park that hosts animals in large, free spaces that promote the encounter between man and animal.
Le Cornelle has simple, low fences that allow visitors to come as close as possible to the animals’ space. The entrance to the Park is rigorously by foot and by following an ideal itinerary, you can live a didactic and exciting experience while encountering animals from all over the world. Numerous birds fly freely welcoming visitors to the park and the many births are proof of the quality of life in the park.
The fundamental values for the Le Cornelle Animal Park are conservation, research and education.