Marketing in zoological gardens.

Faunal parks and aquaria are a great attraction for a family oriented tourism.
In order to maintain, but even to increase popularity, Le Cornelle is strongly and constantly engaged in special activities aimed to make young and adult people aware about animal respect and preservation, as well as ecological education and ecotourism. The today’s commitment is being even more competitive on the market, increasing brand awareness, but also being more and more genuine and original in offering innovative and educational experiences to our visitors.

Conservation – new tendencies and a greater sharing

The consciousness about animals’ well-being lead to a fundamental change of the old zoos and aquaria concept, replacing cages and cement structures with natural habitats as closer as possible to the originals. The result, even though more expensive, in obviously more enjoyed by the animals and even by our visitors.


Zoological gardens and aquaria concretely involved in animals preservation, are precious sources of scientific information. Their activities are therefore very esteemed from several market segments, schools and associations in particular. Recently, even team building activities and the scientific tourism offer interesting possibilities of development and diversification of initiatives.