Le Cornelle Animal Park


Man and nature: an almost sacred relationship that has lasted for millennia. A relationship made of a fine equilibrium, that requires the necessary respect for the conservation and safety of any species be it human or animal. From this point of view, the “Le Cornelle” Animal Park distinguishes itself from the usual concept of a simple “zoo” to concretely contibute to the protection and preservation of the animal species. ??This includes both endangered species and less rare but equally important species.

The presence in the park of more then 100 animal species doesn’t want to be just an attraction, but a precise stimulus to the understanding of the problems regarding the animal world as well as nature in general.

?The park is actively participating in the program EEP (European Endangered Programme), a network organization that studies and monitors each specimen, every birth of endangered species, involving all the world Wildlife Parks, connecting and engaging them in breeding programs , studies and exchanges.?To better manage these projects the Park is member ISIS (International Species Information System) software that provides an international management of animal species.