Children FREE until 11 years old whether MASKED?

31 October 2014

Children FREE until 11 years old whether MASKED??From Thursday 31 October to Sunday 03 November children will get free entry to the Wildlife Park of Charles. It is not a trick! Indeed Yes! why only children rigged from Halloween monsters or wild animals will let you pass by the entrance of the park without having to pay the ticket. A unique opportunity to visit the Wildlife Park of Charles in switching from summer to winter.??During these days the trained Wildlife of Cornelle Park will prepare and distribute, for some of the animals housed, cupcakes. In reality will not be true, that could be harmful to animal health, but delicious food that guests will enjoy the Park’s animals to hunt down and eat playing and having fun. The pumpkin will be the undisputed protagonist of Halloween and visitors can see the various preparations that are created with it like: pumpkin-ball used by cats to play or the pumpkin-ciuffata decked out for the Seychelles giant turtles or pumpkin-seed distributor for monkeys … and other fun enrichment. Don’t miss it and you will learn that there are no animals even on Halloween and fearful that even for larger predators play and fun are important.


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