The evolution from dinosaurs to hominids


Duration: approximetly 4 hours
including 1 hour of break

Biodiversity which we can admire on our planet is the result of an evolutionary process began millions of years ago and still in place. With the help of a paleontologist will make a journey through time and we retrace the milestones in the history of life on Earth. That link is there between crocodiles and tyrannosaurs, Tigers and Saber-toothed tigers, elephants and mammoths, apes and hominids? And also what is a fossil why dinosaurs became extinct and who is a paleontologist?
We will try to give answers to these and other fascinating questions.
The trail that winds through the Park’s animals with the support of a suitable signage will terminate with a practical workshop, during which experienced the paleontologist’s job. Are in fact reproduced the plaster casts of some fossils and studied the patterns of some prehistoric animals.