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The Benidictine monastery of S. Egidio di Fontanella was founded by Alberto da Prezzate. In 1473 pope Sisto IV placed it as an asset of the church of S.Marco in Venice. In the XVII century the monastery was placed back under the control of the diocese of Bergamo. Today, it is a center for studies dedicated to Pope John XXIII. Several restorations have preserved the original romanic structure keeping its charm intact. Worth mention are its composite capitals and the three semicircular apses.
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The Romanic Churches of Almenno represent an extrordinary concentration of the Lombard Romanic architectural style, revealing the importance that this region acquired during the XII century. The little Temple of San Tomè, with its cylindrical structure, presents a women’s balcony and capital with various themes.
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The Church of S.Giorgio, second in size to S.Maria Maggiore in Bergamo, is characterized by its affrescos.
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The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Castello in three different construction bodies: the cript, VII-VIII century.; the original church, IX sec. and the sanctuary of the XVI century.
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