Bat-Eared Fox

  • Common name: BAT-EARED FOX

    Scientific nameOtocyon megalotis

    Class: Mammals

    Order: Carnivores

    Family: Canids

    Origin: Eastern and Southern Africa

    Diet: termites – ants, orthoptera, lepidoptera, beetles, scorpions, insects and eggs

    Habitat: mountains and uplands

    Reproduction: gestation of about 60 days, 3-6 cubs per birth

  • The otocyon or bat-eared fox is a canid originating from Africa and in particular it can be found in arid and semi-arid regions of Southern and Eastern Africa, with two populations separated by a thousand kilometres. It belongs to the order of carnivores but feeds on termites and ants. It owes its name to the shape of its ears which are about 13 cm in length and work like radar allowing it to spot insects even underground. Its body is smaller than the common fox and weighs 4-5 kilos. It has very long black legs and a thick and soft silvered fur; ?belly and flanks are yellow-brown, while the muzzle is black. It has mainly
    nocturnal habits and lives in small family groups.

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